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IMAPS Corporate Webinar:
High-Reliability Component Attachment
Process for <5µm Placement Accuracy

Sponsored by Palomar Technologies, Inc.

This webinar was held: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EASTERN

Download Webinar Replay (Complimentary)

Palomar Technologies


Keywords: Hi-Rel Device Packaging, High-Precision Component Placement, ≤5 Micron Placement Accuracy, Phononic Assembly, Automated Die Bonders, Automated Wire Bonders, Military Applications, Defense Applications, Aerospace Applications

As complex microelectronic packaging designs and components mature, improved placement accuracy becomes increasingly more important. High-accuracy placement has been an ongoing theme in the commercial assembly arena for several years. For example, some phononic designs require better than 2µm precision placement for optimum performance.

Military and aerospace companies routinely evaluate higher precision requirements, although this has been traditionally accomplished using semi-automatic bonder equipment. A manual or semi-automatic process is adequate and often perceived as essential for prototyping; however, semi-automatic processes are not practical for higher volume production. Aside from the slower speed of semi-automatic equipment, application performance relies on how well the technician can target the die since these systems mainly require manual alignment.

Listen in as Donald Beck, Palomar Technologies Assembly Services™ General Manager, presents a process solution for automating sub-5µm component attach specific to organizations requiring high-reliability device packaging. In this webinar, Mr. Beck will cover methods that have been proven through real-world experiences related to the high-reliability microelectronics industry.


Palomar Technologies
Donald J. Beck

Donald J. Beck
General Manager, Palomar Technologies Assembly Services™
Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Donald Beck has led the Assembly Services division at Palomar Technologies for the last five years, expanding it from a "tiger team" to a major player in precision microelectronics contract assembly. Under Mr. Beck's tenure, Assembly Services has grown 300% and continues to develop new processes and solutions for customers worldwide. Throughout his 30-year tenure in the microelectronics industry, Mr. Beck has published several technical papers and articles and currently holds five patents.

About Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Palomar Technologies, a former subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft, is the global leader of automated high-accuracy, large work area die attach and wire bond equipment and precision contract assembly services. Customers utilize the products, services and solutions from Palomar Technologies to meet their needs for optoelectronic packaging, complex hybrid assembly and micron-level component attachment.

Palomar Technologies Assembly Services™, located in Carlsbad, CA, is the contract assembly, process development, test and prototyping division of Palomar Technologies. Assembly Services provides process expertise with high-precision die attach, wire bond and component placement services, offering its customers an alternative route to meet complex packaging needs without investing in capital equipment. For more information, visit


Download Webinar Replay (Complimentary)


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