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Technical Programs/Educational Opportunities - IMAPS is known for high quality technical programs. Cutting edge and long-term research and development is presented in venues from the informal and focused Advanced Technology Workshops to the more formal International Symposia.

Advanced Technology Workshops (ATWs) offer the attendee a targeted technological theme that features state-of-the-art work being done in that area. Since no formal papers are required of the presenters, it enables those speaking to address the most current work being done by them and their colleagues. The smaller audience is conducive to a meaningful networking experience as well. A download of the presentations is sent to the attendees within two weeks of the ATW.

IMAPS Conferences and Symposia offer technical educational opportunities on a larger and broader scale and feature a variety of sessions on various aspects of the IMAPS Core Technologies. These events are longer in duration and feature other special activities such as professional development courses, panel discussions, receptions and student events. Full papers are presented and a download of the proceedings is available to the attendees.

Technical Programs are presented worldwide and are responsible, in large part, for the excellent reputation of IMAPS. These events offer an opportunity for individuals to submit abstracts to participate in an arena that is respected for the science presented. Presenting at an IMAPS event is a "plus" for the selected authors because it enhances their curriculum vitae.

Networking - Each IMAPS technical meeting and symposium provides attendees a powerful networking opportunity. An event such as the International Symposium will welcome nearly one thousand attendees who are active participants in the technologies and industries addressed by IMAPS. Historically, IMAPS meetings are attended by "hands-on" practitioners who are capable and, typically, very interested in sharing their insights and experiences. Both technical and marketing discussions take place throughout the exhibition area, the halls outside of the technical sessions and at sanctioned and unsanctioned social venues during the conferences. In such discussions, it is typical to become involved as both a problem solver and one in need of a problem solved. Additionally, an idea (i.e.; product, process, material) still in the embryonic stage may be reviewed with colleagues to test its validity.

All in all, both in strictly scientific and educational aspects and networking with peers, the IMAPS venues are the strongest part of our Society.

Online Individual & Company Directories - The online directory is a compilation of the IMAPS members at corporate and individual levels. An essential "who's who" in Microelectronics, the guide offers several components that allow visitors to quickly locate contact information for a company, an individual (members only) or "drill-down" through our products and services search tool to find the customers/suppliers of interest.

IMAPS Publications - Advancing Microelectronics and the International Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging are our two primary publications. AM is our member magazine in a glossy, commercial format featuring Society news and feature scientific articles from major IMAPS events. JMEP is our archival, pure science publication and is used as a reference document by members, universities and libraries. Both are "products" in the truest sense of the word and maintain our "corporate" identity on an ongoing basis.

IMAPSource.org - Microelectronics Research Portal

The IMAPSource microelectronics research portal is our newest publishing platform devoted exclusively to microelectronics content from IMAPS publications and events. Enjoy instant, easy online access to our archive of thousands of digital documents and research papers from IMAPS publications, conferences and workshops. It features:

IMAPS Conference Proceedings (now provided as a download) and Advanced Technology Workshop Presentations (also a download) are both a popular and valuable source of information. These publications offer attendees and all industry professionals the ability to stay current on the ever-changing technology of microelectronics and packaging.

IMAPS Web Site - IMAPS.org is our primary vehicle for communicating with the membership and promoting globally every aspect of the society. All of IMAPS program areas-symposia, workshops, conferences, publications, membership, chapters, leadership, and the Microelectronics Foundation-are well represented on the site and easy to identify. While the site is a "living thing", with new features and modifications being made regularly, it currently offers many valuable resources to our members and visitors: the Industry Guide, Interactive Calendar, a site dedicated to our annual Symposium, member news, and more.

International Liaison - There are several International chapters of the Society outside North America, each one having its own local committee leadership. This provides an outstanding international networking opportunity for all members worldwide in a much better way than many other societies.

IMAPS publications and events feature the latest microelectronics and packaging news from around the world and offer many opportunities for members to visit and participate in the international arena. Most international chapters hold conferences and symposia with a wide range of speakers and attendees.

Chapters - The IMAPS Chapter structure gives the local, regular member a voice in the Society. Often the local Chapter is an individual's only experience with IMAPS and, as such, gives them the ability to attend local meeting, serve in a leadership role and become more familiar with their home region.

Local chapter luncheons, dinners, tours, symposia and vendor days - These events offer contacts, networking, potential customers, booth sales and registrations for other events, and an excellent resource for developing new IMAPS members. When coupled with Technical Sessions they are "IMAPS at its best" at the local level and offer the attendee an opportunity to meet and connect with the local microelectronics community.

Organizational/Corporate Membership - The benefits of this membership include all of the aforementioned points but also allow discounts on exhibition and advertising opportunities. The Premier Corporate Membership expands upon our standard Corporate Membership with expanded advertising inclusions, exposure, and memberships for more individuals within your organization.

Membership in the Global Business Council (GBC, formerly the MMRC) is also a benefit of this membership. The GBC is a vital part of the Society.


    MISSION: The mission of the GBC is to provide value to IMAPS corporate membership by focusing on the business     side of technology for microelectronics and packaging. This will be accomplished by development and presentation of     events highlighting relevant business topics of interest to corporate membership.

Individual Membership - The vehicle that enables a person to participate in IMAPS for a relatively small annual fee. The publications and discounts on all IMAPS events make it very easy for the individual member to avail themselves of the educational opportunities and valuable networking situations that are the strongest benefit of an IMAPS membership.

Cost of Membership - IMAPS Organizational Members pay $250-2500 per year and Individual Members pay $95 annually.

Please contact IMAPS Membership Manager Shelby Moirano at smoirano@imaps.org for any membership questions or assistance joining.