Advanced System-in-Packaging (SiP) Conference 2023

July 24-27, 2023

DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose

The top global event for Advanced System-in-Package technologies!
Combining the 3D ASIP and IMAPS SiP events into an exciting, comprehensive program:

One event covering SiP technology developments, solutions and business trends.

IMAPS has established the Advanced System-in-Package conference to focus exclusively on innovative SiP technology developments, solutions and business trends. Advanced SiP 2023 will be a high-end event that combines the IMAPS System-in Package Conference and the 3D ASIP Conference (recognized as the premier conference on 2.5/3D ICs, focused on commercialization and infrastructure). Advanced SiP 2023 will offer cutting-edge presentations from scientists, technologists and business leaders across the globe in cellular, IoT, automotive, computing and networking market segments.

"Advanced SiP technology" is an umbrella term to cover a variety of SiP subsets, such as laminate/glass/ ceramic/silicon/leadframe based SiP, Fanout SiP, Heterogeneous integration, 2.5D/3D SiP and modules. Advanced SiP 2023 covers two major segments: microelectronic system design and system integration in a package.

The current trend is to integrate a full system or subsystem in an extremely miniaturized, smaller volume package structure with high functioning system performance, mechanical reliability, thermal management and high yield manufacturability.

SiP speaker opportunities are by invitation-only from the technical committee. 

More information coming soon!


Advanced SiP Conference General Chair

Steven Kummerl, Texas Instruments

Advanced SiP Conference General Chair-Elect

Eelco Bergman, Saras Micro

Advanced SiP Conference Past General Chair

Mark Gerber, ASE

Advanced SiP Conference Technical Committee

Jon Aday, IMAPS VP Technology  Habib Hichri, AjinomotoChristo Bojkov, QorvoMark Scannell, CEA LETI
Christo Bojkov, QorvoTarak Railkar, Qorvo
Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International

Curtis Zwenger, Amkor