Device Packaging Technical Speakers



Over 65 technical presentations across 3 tracks and 16 session categories will be available for on-demand viewing beginning on April 12-15th. Posters will also be available for on-demand viewing, complemented by a live Q&A sessionApril 15th. View the technical speakers and titles below!

3D Integration Track

Track Chairs:

Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM; Mike Kelly, Amkor Technology; Marco Del Sarto, STMicroelectronics

Technical Committee:

Rahul Agarwal, AMD; Dongshun Bai, Brewer Science; Severine Cheramy, CEA Leti; 

Rafiqul Islam, Cactus Materials; Suresh Jayaraman, Amkor Technology; Bora Baloglu, Amkor Technology


Session Chairs:

Suresh Jayaraman, Amkor Technology; Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM 

3D Packaging from Edge to the Datacenter:  An Imperative for the Next Decade
Vaibhav Trivedi, Yole Development

TSV and Hybrid Bonding Solutions for 3D Heterogeneous Integration Packaging Applying in next AI / HPC Era
Albert Lan, Applied Materials

Custom CTE Glass Carrier for Wafer Thinning
Indrajit Dutta, Corning Incorporated

Aerosol Jet Printed 3D Interconnects Enable Millimeter Wave Applications over 100GHz
Bryan Germann, Optomec (Alex Ramm)


Session Chairs:

Rahul Agarwal, AMD; Mike Kelly, Amkor Technology

Magnetic Core Inductor Embedded in Laminates for 3D Integration
Yanze Wu, Arizona State University (I-Chen Yeng, Hongbin Yu)

A Low Tg Bonding Material for use with Wafer-Level System-in-Package (WLSiP) and Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP)
Arthur Southard, Brewer Science, Inc. (Rachel Cartaya, Dongshun Bai, John Massey, Nathan Parker)

High Speed Transmission Characteristics on Glass Interposer for High Performance Computing
Satoru Kuramochi, Dai Nippon Printing

Laser Assisted Deposition for Advanced Packaging
Michael Zenou, IO Tech (Hervé Javice)


Session Chairs:

Dongshun Bai, Brewer Science; Marco Del Sarto, STMicroelectronics

Hybrid Metrology Solutions for Monitoring Microbump Process 20micron Pitch and Less for 2.5D and 3D Integration
Priya Mukundhan, Onto Innovation (Manjusha Mehendale, Johnny Dai, Robin Mair, Jay Chen, Andy Antonelli)

Evaluation of Material and Geometric Design Variation on Failure within Device Embedded Substrates
Daniel Flintoft, National Physical Laboratory (A. P. Lewis, L. Kent, V. Stolojan, R.A. Dorey)

Design and Simulation of 3D TSV Inductor for IoT Applications
Bruce Kim, City University of New York


Session Chairs:

Rafiqul Islam, Cactus Materials; Bora Baloglu, Amkor Technology

Heterogeneous IC Packaging,  Options for Optimizing Performance and Cost

Michael Kelly, Amkor Technology (Dave Hiner, George Scott) 

Innovative Package-on-Package Solution: M- Series Fan-Out (mPoP)
Byung Cheol Kim, Nepes Corporation (Jong-Heon Kim, Maye Melgo, Hyung-Jin Shin, Jacinta Aman Lim, Jane Lee, Cliff Sandstrom)

Package Assembly Design Kits. What are They and How Can They Benefit the Packaging Community
John Park, Cadence Design Systems

Flexibility of System Technology Co-Optimization (STCO) Demands a Shift-Left Process and Methodology
Per Viklund, Mentor, A Siemens Business (Keith Felton)

System Level Design Assembly and Management for 3D-IC Architectures
Brian Jackson, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Fan-Out, Wafer Level Packaging & Flip Chip

Track Chairs:

Curtis Zwenger, Amkor Technology; Nokibul Islam, JCET Group; Amy Lujan, SavanSys

Technical Committee:

Linda Bal, TechSearch International; Beth Keser, Intel; Scott Hayes, NXP; Anup Pancholi, Intel; Chris Scanlan


Session Chairs:

Beth Keser, Intel; Scott Hayes, NXP 

Cost Analysis of Lithography Options for Panel-Level Fan-out Packaging
Amy Lujan, SavanSys Solutions LLC

Chip Package Bumping on Wafer-level for RDL First Fan-out Wafer
Anshuma Pathak, Pac Tech Packaging Technologies GmbH (Mathias Böttcher, Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID; Sebastiaan Kersjes, Besi Netherlands; Thomas Oppert, Thorsten Teutsch, Pac Tech Packaging Technologies GmbH)

Setting the 600mm Large Panel Fan-Out Standard with M-Series TM
Clifford Sandstrom, Deca Technologies (Timothy Olson)

New Adaptive Patterning Techniques for the Chiplet Era
Craig Bishop, Deca Technologies (Chris Negrich, Jiyang Zhou, Ryan Bartling)

Electromigration Study of a Novel Cu Stack-via Interconnect for Advanced High-density Fan-out Packaging
Kuan-Ju Shao, National Cheng Kung University (Min-Yan Tsai, Chin-Li Kao, ASE Group; Chien-Lung Liang, Kwang-Lung Lin, National Cheng Kung University; Gao-Tian Lin, VIACPU Technologies)

Effect of Silicon BEOL Presence on Solder Fatigue Life During Board-Level Thermal Cycling of WLCSP
Rameen Hadizadeh, Cirrus Logic (Yaoyu Pang, Anuj Patel)


Session Chairs:

Curtis Zwenger, Amkor Technology; Amy Lujan, SavanSys 

2-High Stacked Heterogeneous System-in-Package (HSIP) Modules Using Solder Assembly
Charles Woychik, i3 Microsystems, Inc.

Using Deca's Adaptive PatterningTM to Win the Chiplet Integration Race with Siemens EDA and ASE
Robin Gabriel, Deca Technologies (Jan Kellar, Deca Technologies; Keith Felton, Ian Gabbitas, Mentor a Siemens Business; John Hunt, Lihong Cao, ASE US)

Universal IoT Sensor Platform based on a FOWLP RDLfirst Approach
Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer IZM (Mathias Böttcher, Michael Schiffer, Harald Pötter, Carsten Brockmann, Karl-Friedrich Becker, Damian Freimund, Martin Schneider-Ramelow)

Die-first and RDL-first FOWLP Processing for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Takafumi Fukushima, Tohoku University (Yuki Susumago, Noriyuki Takahashi, Hisashi Kino, Tetsu Tanaka)


Session Chairs:

Linda Bal, TechSearch International; Anup Pancholi, Intel

Chemistry and Process Considerations for the Removal of Residues for Hybrid Bonding
Phillip Tyler, Veeco Instruments (Ian Cochran, Jonathan Fijal, John Taddei, Veeco Instruments; Thomas Workman, Dominik Suwito, Guilian Gao, Gabe Guevara, Gill Fountain, Cyprian Uzoh, Jeremy Theil, Laura Mirkarimi, Xperi Corporation)

A Novel Photosensitive Permanent Bonding Material for Polymer/Metal Hybrid Bonding
Baron Huang, Brewer Science, Inc. (Duo Tsai, Xiao Liu, Rama Puligadda)

Latest Technologies of Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) for FO-WLP
Masahiro Iwai, Sumitomo Bakelite, Ltd. (Ken Ukawa)

Advancements of Temporary Bond and Debond: Creating Photonic Debond Methods and Materials for Wafer-Level Packaging
Luke Prenger, Brewer Science, Inc. (Xiao Liu, Xavier Martinez, Brewer Science, Inc.; Vikram Turkani, Vahid Akhavan, Kurt Schroder, NovaCentrix, Inc.)

Improving Seed Layer Adhesion and Reliability Through RIE Pretreatment
Mohamed Elghazzali, Evatec AG (Roland Rettenmeier)


Session Chairs:

Curtis Zwenger, Amkor Technology; Nokibul Islam, JCET Group

High Thermal Performance TIM (Thermal Interface Material) for Lidded FCBGA Products
YoungDo Kweon, Amkor Technology Inc.

Individual Die or Wafer ENEPIG Plating for Conventional Wire Bonding or Flip-Chip Solderability without RDL
Erick Spory, GCI Global

Process Control Methods and Applications of In-line Automatic X-ray Inspection in High-volume Manufacturing
Brennan Peterson, SVXR Inc.

Challenges for Achieving Automotive Grade 1/0 Reliability in FCBGA and fcCSP Packages
Knowlton Olmstead, Amkor Technology, Inc. (Mike Kelly, JoonDong Kim, Kurt Raab)

Die-to-Die Interconnect Design and Simulation for 2.3D Organic Interposer Package
Cindy Muir, Intel Corp. (Bernd Waidhas, Abdallah Bacha, Carlton Hanna, Beth Keser)

Advanced Packaging & Emerging Materials for Automotive, 5G & Next Gen Applications

Track Chairs:

Tu-Anh Tran, NXP; Jason H. Rouse; Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology

Technical Committee:

Urmi Ray, Consultant; Ajay Sattu, Amkor Technology


Session Chairs:

Jason Rouse; Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology

Galvanically Isolated Communication Linkage Package for Automotive High-Voltage IGBT/SiC Gate Driver
Burton Carpenter, NXP Semiconductors (Fred Brauchler, JM Liu, Di Liu, Sherry Wu, Mariano Ching)

Chip Scale Power Transistor Packaging
Shaun Bowers, Amkor Technology, Inc.

Power Packaging Trends in Emerging 48V Ecosystem
Ajay Kumar Sattu, Amkor Technology, Inc.

MAXQFP: NXP New Package Platform for Automotive Application
Chu-Chung Stephen Lee, NXP Semiconductors    (Tu-Anh Tran, Andrew Mawer, XS Pang, JZ Yao)


Session Chairs:

Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology; Ajay Sattu, Amkor Technology

Process Improvements for First Pass Yield Gains during Tri-Temperature Automotive Package Test
Jerry Broz, International Test Solutions (Bret Humphrey)

High Performance Computing SiP for Advanced Automotive
Nokibul Islam, JCET

Design of Subsystem Module Package for Power Distribution Network
HoJeong Lim, Amkor Technology, Inc. (Ruben Fuentes)


Session Chairs:

Tu-Anh Tran, NXP; Ajay Sattu, Amkor Technology

Known Reliability with Improved Efficiency - the Next Generation Ni/Pd/Au Finish
Britta Schafsteller, Atotech Deutschland GmbH (M. Rosin, T. Schlosser, G. Ramos)

Investigation of Carbon Fiber TIM Gap Pad for Enabling Next Generation Automotive High-Power Systems
Jerry Wu, Dexerials America Corp.

Advanced Materials for Automotive SiP Applications
Ken Araujo, NAMICS Corporation


Session Chairs:

Tu-Anh Tran, NXP; Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology

Pressure-Less Silver Sintering Paste for Die Attach on Bare Copper Surface Using Conventional Reflow Oven under Nitrogen
Sihai Chen, Indium Corporation (Andrew Yoder, Joshua Owens, Ning-Cheng Lee)

A Viable Copper Based Alternative to Palladium Activation Systems for Electroless Copper Processing

Roger Massey, Atotech Group (Laurence Gregoriades, Stefan Kempa, Andreas Kirbs, Josef Gaida, Julia Lehmann)

Solderless Anisotropic Conductive Film For Compact Package Designs, High-Frequency Signal Integrity, Robust Connections
Jerry Wu, Dexerials America Corp.

Analysis and Management of the Effects of Fluorinated Gases during Plasma Dicing
Richard Barnett, SPTS Technologies Ltd. (Janet Hopkins, Samira Kazemi, Oliver Ansell, Simon Dawson, Matthew Day, SPTS Technologies Ltd.; David Parker, STMicroelectronics)

Evolution and Applications of Fine-feature Solder Paste Printing for Heterogeneous Integration Assembly

Evan Griffith, Indium Corporation (Sze Pei Lim)


Session Chairs:

Jason Rouse; Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology

A New Low-loss Photo Patternable Packaging Dielectric Material with the Option for Room Temperature Curing

Pawel Miskiewicz, EMD Electronics

Emerging Process and Assembly Challenges in Electronics Manufacturing
Glenn Farris, Universal Instruments

Thermal Performance Enhancement of Dual Side Molding SiP Module for 5G Application

Hung-Hsien Huang, ASE Group (Wei-Hong Lai, Ian Hu, JimDL Chen, David Tarng, CP Hung)

VIAFFIRM™ Thin Glass Handling Technology

Aric Shorey, Mosaic Microsystems (Shelby Nelson, David Levy, Paul Ballentine)

Thermal Interface Materials in the HPC Era

Andy Mackie, Indium Corporation (Tim Jensen) 


Session Chairs:

Vik Chaudhry, Amkor Technology; Ajay Sattu, Amkor Technology

New Composites Material of Silver and Diamond for High-performance Device

Takara Okubo, A.L.M.T.Corp. (Hideaki Morigami)

The Intersection of Performance, Reliability and Low Cost Assembly in Thermal Interface Solution Selection

Craig Green, Carbice Corporation

Innovative PVD Technology Solutions for Advanced Substrate, Backside Metal and EMI Shielding

Jeff Turner, Applied Materials   

TLPS Pastes for Anywhere Embedded Passive Components in Substrates and PCBs
Catherine Shearer, Ormet Circuits, Inc a subsidiary of EMD Electronics (Gary Legerton)

Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomers (LMEEs) as an Emerging Material Architecture for TIMs in Semiconductor Packaging

Navid Kazem, Arieca Inc.

Poster Session

Investigation of Low Temperature Bonding Process based on Cu/Ni/In Solid Liquid Interdiffusion
Adil Shehzad, Fraunhofer IZM (ASSID) (luliana Panchenko, Juergen Wolf, Steffen Bickel, Wolfram Steller, Fraunhofer IZM (ASSID); Benedikt Wolfram, Semsysco GmbH)

Reliability Evaluation of a Low Loss Photodielectric
Katie Han, Kayaku Advanced Materials                                                                                                                                          

A New Dual-Band Resonator in Measuring Dielectric Constant at 5G Frequency Band and Yagi Antenna Implemented
Chia-Chu Lai, Siliconware Precision Industries Co.,Ltd. (Chuan Lin Ho, Teny Shih, Yu-Po Wang)

Modernization of Metrology for Metallization Solutions with ICP
Paul Okagbare, ECI Technology (Michael MacEwan, Eugene Shalyt)

Analysis of Advanced Polymer Semiconductor Packaging Materials by Atomic Scale Simulation
Andrea Browning, Schrodinger, Inc. (Simon Elliott, H. Shaun Kwak, Mathew Halls)

Stress Reduced Embedded Die Substrate Structure Fabricated for Heterogeneous Integration Using Selective Laser Ablation
Masamitsu Matsuura, Kyushu University (Tanemasa Asano, Haruichi Kanaya)

2D Materials for BEOL Applications
Zhihong Chen, Purdue University

Carbon-Based Thermal Interface Materials for High-Power Device Packaging
Kevin Brenner, Southern Methodist University

Thiol-based, Thermally-conductive Adhesives for High Power Electronics
Benjamin Lund, Adaptive3D (Carlos Barrios, Mahmoud Hosseini, Xun Han, Ali Aliev, Ray Baughman, Walter Voit)