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IMAPS Microelectronics Educational Foundation Mission Statement:
The Foundation's role is to support student activities related to the study of Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect and Assembly.


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The Microelectronics Education Foundation supports student activities that cultivate an understanding of packaging, components, and assembly technologies; how they are used; and understanding materials used in the processes.

To promote these activities, the Foundation sponsors technical paper and poster contest awards at various chapter and national level conferences and workshops.  The Foundation will also promote the formation of student chapters at suitable/appropriate/aligned institutions.

Students, student organizations, and recognized student chapters are invited to apply for funding in various categories.

Steve Adamson Student Recognition Award

Students are encouraged to apply annually for the Steve Adamson Student Recognition Award, which honors an active student member's participation in IMAPS events, chapters, and programs. Significant technical research and/or service contributions to IMAPS and the microelectronics industry will be considered during the judges' review. The award winner receives:

Nominees must be current IMAPS student members, attend an undergraduate or graduate program in engineering or natural sciences. Nominators must also be IMAPS members. Contact Shelby Moirano for an application, which is traditionally due the first of August.

The Microelectronics Foundation sponsors student paper competitions and awards in conjunction with its signature events, including the International Symposium on Microelectronics, and the International Conference on Device Packaging. To qualify, students submitting their work and identifying "Yes, I'm a full-time student" on the abstract submission form will automatically be considered for the awards offered through that event. More details can be found on the homepage of each event at Award amounts vary by competition.
International Symposium on Microelectronics:

International Device Packaging Conference:

Additionally, local chapters commonly sponsor student paper and poster competitions at chapter events. Get connected with your local chapter to stay up-to-date on announcements about scheduled competitions.

Local/Chapter Awards & Competitions
Local active chapters are encouraged to host "merit based" awards and competitions for students at their events and within their chapter/region. Examples include poster competitions or support for local conference student awards. Please contact IMAPS at if your chapter would like to request funding to support these awards/competitions. The chapters must identify the reason for the request (the event description in most cases), the date of the event, any available flyer/announcement/website for the event, the selection process that will be used to determine the winning student(s), the funding amount requested (either $500 or $1000 increment) and the breakdown of the awards money distribution, post event feedback (photos and winners names so the Foundation can promote this activity), and providing examples of how any past Foundation funding has been used (OPTIONAL). Receipt of request must be at least 2 months prior to the event date. 

Student Chapter Funding
New and active student chapters are allocated funding on a need-based request system for chapter meetings. Please contact IMAPS at to request funding on behalf of your chapter. The following information should be provided:

Chapter Name
Chapter Advisor
Event to be Funded
Event Date
Dollar Amount Requested
Expected Number of Attendees

High School-Exhibitor Interchange at IMAPS Symposium
A high school group local to the annual IMAPS Symposium is selected each year for participation in the IMAPS High School-Exhibitor Interchange. This program introduces STEM-minded high school students to the microelectronics industry representatives on our show floor and traditionally involves a showcase of the students' body of work as well, such as a robotics or technical demonstration on the show floor. The selected group is awarded a $2,000 check on behalf of the Microelectronics Foundation upon the conclusion of the program.

The 2020 Symposium will be held in San Diego, California. Interested high school student groups or recommendations for local programs by members may contact IMAPS at for consideration. The selected group is traditionally contacted between May and August of each year.

If you share the goals of this organization, then we invite you to donate to the Microelectronics Foundation to help us create a better understanding of technologies of microelectronics packaging through student initiatives. Donations are accepted from and on behalf of individuals or organizations either directly or through sponsorship of Foundation events.

    Direct Funding to the Foundation

    Microelectronics Foundation General Fund
    David Virissimo Memorial Scholarship

    Steve Adamson Memorial Student Recognition Award

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Spring Golf Classic - held in conjunction with the Device Packaging Conference. 
    Fall Golf Classic- held in conjunction with the annual IMAPS Symposium.

If you would like to get involved with the Foundation, we'd like to hear from you! IMAPS welcomes the involvement of individuals and companies in many capacities at both the chapter and national level.

Get Involved as an Individual:
The Foundation recruits individuals for leadership positions that serve various Foundation initiatives, including minimum commitment roles such as one-time event assistants (raffle sales, silent auction item recruitment), medium-commitment roles like chapter level event organizers, and longer-term roles that include chairing national Foundation functions like the Spring and Fall golf classics or positions on the Foundation committee itself. IMAPS also actively seeks "champions" within IMAPS member and exhibiting organizations that recruit donations from within internal networks.

Get Your Organization Involved:
Organizational support of the Microelectronics Foundation has included sponsorship of educational grants through corporate foundations or programs, sponsorship of paper and poster contests, and partnership in internship placement programs with university students.

The Microelectronics Foundation and IMAPS, the membership society, are both organized as 501 c (3) entities. This means that any gifts to the Foundation are considered charitable donations.

The Board of Directors is comprised of past officers and senior members of the IMAPS society, the current IMAPS Treasurer and academic members. The board's job is to oversee the operations of the Foundation, advise on investment strategies for the Foundation's endowment and approve grants for student activities.

The Foundation Organization operates under the below Strategic Focus.

The Microelectronics Foundation operates in accordance with the Foundation's Policies and Procedures. Questions about this manual or recommendations for change should be directed to Brian Schieman at

We'd like to hear from you! Please direct questions or comments about the Microelectronics Foundation to the IMAPS Executive Director:

    Brian Schieman 
    Executive Director, IMAPS