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IMAPS comprises three geographical groupings, namely, IMAPS chapters in America, IMAPS chapters in Europe, and IMAPS chapters in Asia. These groupings tend to concentrate their events in their geographic regions. The community has significant cross-participation with the consequent benefit to engineers in every region.

IMAPS chapters serve as local networks that allow mircoelectronics professionals to build business relationships, share industry information, and find technical solutions. IMAPS chapters organize and sponsor local symposia/ conferences, vendor days, technical presentations, and social events.

IMAPS members are automatically enrolled as a member in the nearest chapter when they join the Society. Updates, changes, and additions are made easily in your member profile. There are no additional fees for chapter membership.

Your IMAPS chapter is a valuable local resource if you are looking for a packaging solution, searching for products/services, building your network, looking for a new job, or simply want to learn more about the local industry. 



























Why Participate in your IMAPS Chapter?

  1. Build local industry connections and relationships.
  2. Secure speaking and authorship opportunities.
  3. Take advantage of chapter programs that promote expertise.
  4. Increase corporate exposure in the region.
  5. Gain technical and management skills.
  6. Facilitate programs you would not normally do on your job.
  7. Have fun in your local industry in a more relaxed environment.
  8. Help the next generation of industry professionals through student programs.
  9. Find job openings or fill open positions.
  10. Provide input to help direct the future of the Chapter and IMAPS itself.

How to Join a Chapter

  1. Sign into your IMAPS account using your member login.
  2. In the Member Menu, select "Engagements" and then "Chapters" from the drop down menu. 
  3. You will see a list of all IMAPS Chapters.
  4. Select the Chapter in which you are interested.
  5.  Click the link "Click Here to Sign up for this chapters..."
  6. Then choose "Sign Me Up!"
  7. You can link yourself to one or multiple chapters.

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