Society Leadership Team

IMAPS Executive Council

Executive Council members are voted into leadership by IMAPS members and carry a two-year term.


Mr. Richard Rice

Sr. VP of Business Development
ASE US, Inc.
Dallas, TX
United States

Dr. Beth Keser
(President Elect)

Sr. Staff Manager
Intel Corporation
San Diego, CA
United States

Mr. Ron Huemoeller
(Past President)

Amkor Technology
Tempe, AZ
United States

Mr. Jon G Aday
(Vice President of Technology)

Illumina Inc.
San Diego, CA
United States

Ms. Adrienne Gerard
(Vice President of Marketing)

Marketing and Business Development
Finetech, Inc.
Gilbert, AZ
United States

Mr. Michael T Gervais

Vice President
Geib Refining Corporation
Warwick, RI
United States

Mr. Daniel Krueger

Engineer Fellow
Kansas City, MO
United States

Ms. Erica C Folk

Engineering Manager
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
Linthicum Heights, MD
United States

Prof Douglas C Hopkins, Ph. D

NCSU Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems (PREES)
Raleigh, NC
United States

Dr. Ivan Ndip

Head of Department, RF & Smart Sensor Systems
Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM

Dr. Urmi Ray

San Diego, CA
United States

Mr. Michael O'Donoghue
(Ex Officio)

Executive Director
International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS)
Research Triangle Park, NC
United States

Presidents of the Society (Advisory Committee)

Much of the history of this organization and the value IMAPS adds to the industry can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the volunteer Presidents of the Society listed below. In 1996, the original Society, ISHM, merged with the International Electronic and Packaging Society (IEPS) to become IMAPS. Presidents of both Societies are considered members of the Advisory Committee.

Member NameTerm of Office
Mr. Ron Huemoeller            2018-2019 IMAPS President
Ms. Susan Trulli2016-2017 IMAPS President
Dr. David Seeger2014-2015 IMAPS President
Dr. Voya Markovich2012-13 IMAPS President
Dr. Rajen Chanchani2011 IMAPS President
Mr. Howard Imhof2010 IMAPS President
Mr. Delip "Doug" Bokil2009 IMAPS President
Mr Steven Adamson (deceased)2008 IMAPS President
Mr. Mike Ehlert2007 IMAPS President
Mr. James R. Drehle2006 IMAPS President
Dr. Bruce Romenesko2005 IMAPS President
Mr. Phillip J. Zulueta2004 IMAPS President
Dr. Peter Barnwell2002-03 IMAPS President
Mr. Greg Caswell2001 IMAPS President
Dr. Paul R. Van Loan2000 IMAPS President
Mr. James T. Cook1999 IMAPS President
Dr. Philip E. Garrou1998 IMAPS President
Mr. James R. Drehle1997 ISHM/IMAPS President
Dr. Rao R. Tummala1996 ISHM President
Dr. Leonard Schaper1996 IEPS President & Board Chair
Mr. George G. Harman1995 ISHM President
Dr. Wulf H. Knausenberger1993-95 IEPS Board Chair
Dr. Harry K. Charles1994 ISHM President
Dr. W. Kinzy Jones1993 ISHM President
Ms. Mary McDonald1993 IEPS President
Mr. Andy London1992 ISHM President
Mr. Richard J. Clark1992 IEPS President & Board Chair
Mr. John Pearson1991-92 IEPS President
Dr. R. Wayne Johnson1991 ISHM President
Mrs. Janette R. Thomas1990 ISHM President
Mr. Rene E. Cote1989-90 IEPS President
Mr. James C. Lawson1989 ISHM President
Mr. Jon Prokop1989 IEPS Board Chair
Mr. Manford H. Williamson1988 ISHM President
Mr. Paul F. Parks, Sr. (deceased)1987 ISHM President
Dr. James R. Keski1986 ISHM President
Mr. Alan M. Hirschberg1985 ISHM President
Mr. John R. Thome1984 ISHM President
Mr. Rene E. Cote1983 ISHM President
Mr. Charles A. Harper1983 IEPS President
Mr. David T. Somerville1982 ISHM President
Mr. Robert Holmes1981 ISHM President
Mr. Donald T. DeCoursey (deceased)1980 ISHM President
Dr. Jerry E. Sergent1979 ISHM President
Mr. F. Wayne Martin (deceased)1978-79  IEPS President & Board Chair
Mr. Robert L. Waer (deceased)1978 ISHM President
Mr. Gilbert C. Waite (deceased)1977 ISHM President
Mr. Daniel D. Zimmerman (deceased)1976 ISHM President
Mr. Dennis L. Bryant1975 ISHM President
Dr. Glen A. Burdick1974 ISHM President
Mr. Donald C. Sutherland1973 ISHM President
Mr. Dwight W. Callaway1971-72  ISHM President
Mr. John Woulbroun  (deceased)1970 ISHM President
Mr. F. Wayne Martin   (deceased)1968-69 ISHM President
Mr. George A. Doyle1967 ISHM President

If you are a Past President of IMAPS, ISHM or IEPS, and do not see your name on this list, or you wish to add/update your profile, please contact Brian Schieman -