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The Technology Crossover 2021 will now be delivered virtually!  Corporate Partnership Opportunities will be shared soon.  
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Three star IMAPS conferences will align virtually in 2021 for an incredible attendee experience. The forces behind the International Conferences on High Temperature Electronics (HiTEC), Ceramic Interconnect & Ceramic Microsystems Technologies (CICMT), and Advanced Power Electronics Packaging (APEPS) have joined for a special crossover technology extravaganza. These three major events will be hosted simultaneously from April 26th-29th.

Triple Conference Features:

  • 3 Professional Development Courses (PDCs) on Monday:
    • High Temperature Electronics - Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland
    • Advances in Highly Thermally Conductive Organic Power Packaging - Douglas Hopkins, North Carolina State University
    • High Temperature Reliability - Ephraim Suhir, Portland State University
  • Three Days of LIVE Joint Plenary Sessions 
  • Breakout Sessions in Each Crossover Area with...
    • LIVE Invited/Keynote Speakers
    • LIVE Author Roundtables for Audience Q&A to compliment the ON-DEMAND Presentations 


LIVE Speakers in High Temperature Electronics:

  • John Bultitude - Plenary Speaker
  • Aris Christou - Plenary Speaker
  • Michael Hamilton - Plenary Speaker
  • Matt Francis - Keynote Speaker
  • Alex Teverosky - Keynote Speaker
  • David Esler - Keynote Speaker
  • LiangYu Chen - Keynote Speaker
  • Holger Kappert - Keynote Speaker
  • Piers Tremlett - Invited Speaker
  • Philip Neudeck - Invited Speaker
  • + Roundtable Authors for LIVE Q&A, and On-Demand Presentations!

LIVE Speakers in Ceramic Interconnect & Ceramic Microsystems Technologies:

  • Jens Müller - Plenary Speaker
  • Heli Jantunen - Plenary Speaker
  • Akihiko Sakamoto - Plenary Speaker
  • Rana Alizadeh - Keynote Speaker
  • Ammar Kouki - Keynote Speaker
  • Joerg Toepfer - Keynote Speaker
  • Shweta Agarwala - Keynote Speaker
  • Mr. Yamashita - Keynote Speaker
  • Jing Guo - Keynote Speaker
  • + Roundtable Authors for LIVE Q&A, and On-Demand Presentations!

LIVE Speakers in Advanced Power Electronics Packaging:

  • Bob Conner - Plenary Speaker
  • Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj - Plenary Speaker
  • Fang Luo - Plenary Speaker
  • Brian Zahnstecher - Keynote Speaker
  • Cian O'Mathuna - Keynote Speaker
  • Raymond Fillion - Keynote Speaker
  • Matthias Hunstig - Invited Speaker
  • + Roundtable Authors for LIVE Q&A, and On-Demand Presentations!






 Monday, April 26 


3 LIVE Professional Development Courses (PDCs)


 Tuesday, April 27 


3 LIVE Plenary Speakers
LIVE Keynote Speakers
5 Author's Roundtable 

Sessions with LIVE Q&A
On-Demand Technical Sessions


 Wednesday, April 28 


LIVE Plenary Speakers
LIVE Keynote Speakers
LIVE Invited Speaker
4 Author's Roundtable 

Sessions with LIVE Q&A
On-Demand Technical Sessions


 Thursday, April 29 

LIVE Plenary Speakers
LIVE Keynote Speakers
LIVE Invited Speakers
1 Author's Roundtable 

Sessions with LIVE Q&A
On-Demand Technical Sessions




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Come for one, come for all! 

Each attendee registration includes joint access to all three technical conference programs.

Member, Non-member, Speaker/Chair, and Student conference registration fees include:

  • Access to all live and on-demand keynotes, panels, technical sessions, and featured content beginning on April 26, 2021 for one (1) person.

  • One (1) download of the symposium presentations.

  • IMAPS individual membership extension or membership renewal* valid for one year from after the registration date.

*Does not apply to corporate or affiliate memberships





We invite organizations to join us for a reimagined Corporate Partnership experience.

Corporate Partners of the Technology Crossover event will enjoy exposure, advertising, and attendee connection opportunities relevant to the virtual atmosphere. Maintain or build your organization‘s presence, credibility, branding, and product/company updates with a creative suite of value-adding opportunities.

View the Partnership Guide for exposure opportunities, pricing and benefits details! 

The Technology Crossover Extravaganza (HiTEC, CICMT, APEPS) will NOT feature a virtual exhibit hall or virtual booths. 


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