Wire Bonding - Feb. 2-3

Topical Workshop & Tabletop Exhibition on


February 2-3, 2023
Westin San Diego Downtown | San Diego, California

General Co-Chairs:
Mike McKeown, Hesse Mechatronics | Utkarsh Mehrotra, Wolfspeed


Wire Bonding Workshop Focus:
The objective of the Wire Bonding Workshop is to have a unique forum that brings together scientists, engineers, manufacturing, academia, and marketing people from around the world who have been working in the area of Wire Bonding.  This workshop has been specifically organized to allow for the presentation and debate of some of the latest technologies out there related to the use of Wire Bonding in battery pack, semiconductor and microelectronic packaging.
  • Cu vs. Au
  • Heavy Cu wire bonding
  • Terminal pad structures and modifications
  • Assembly processes and handling issues
  • Bumping or ball-on-ball bonding
  • Novel packaging and design
  • Failure analysis and reliability
  • Electromigration and interfacial adhesion
  • Testing and probing challenges
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Novel bond wire materials and wire bonding technologies

Those wishing to present a 25-minute technical talk (+5 mins Q&A) at the Wire Bonding Topical Workshop must submit a ~250 word abstract electronically BEFORE OCTOBER 26, 2022, using the on-line submittal form at: www.imaps.org/wirebonding. Full written papers are not required. All Speakers are required to pay a reduced registration fee and are required to attend the entire workshop to make the presentation in-person. Please contact Brian Schieman by email at bschieman@imaps.org if you have questions or need assistance submitting an abstract.

This Workshop will feature exhibitor ($850-950) and sponsor tabletops ($1750). A maximum of 10-12 total tabletop spaces around the perimeter of the meeting room